my trigger holds no warning

it is an alarm that sets off by itself

and me, not knowing how to turn it off

my triggers knows no time

it is there when its not needed

and it is there when you least expect it

my trigger comes in words like “why wont you say anything”

everything inside of me is an opera full of noise

but it comes off as silent because no one will bother to help unless you scream

my trigger is a bacteria

even with washing my hands a thousand times

the germs linger on my body as if i am the only matter they can attach themselves on

my trigger is a pen

it is sprawled across the walls of my room that i confine myself in

and every time i try to erase them, they blot and transfer over blank areas

my trigger is my bed

it swallows me up and tucks me in

you think i am tired but i just cant get up without wanting to be dragged back down

my trigger may be

as tragic as it seems

may just probably be



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